Saturday, 16 February 2013

Swat, Pakistan "Mini Switzerland of Pakistan".

SWAT Valley
The beautiful Swat Valley had been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons since last 4-5 years but it has been well known in Pakistan as “Paradise on Earth” and “Switzerland of Pakistan” by the international tourists due to its God-gifted natural beauty.

Malalah Yousafzai
Last time when readers and viewers around the globe heard about the Swat valley was when the youngest nominee for the Nobel peace prize in history, Malalah Yousafzai was shot in an assassination attempt. Malah Yousafzai was born and bred in Swat, well known for her written diary (posted in a blog for BBC) during Taliban presence in Swat valley until 2009 and has been working as an activist for women rights and education.  She has also won the Pakistan’s firs ever “National Youth Peace Prize and was nominated for “International Children’s peace” prize. 

Today, I am going to take you on a short journey of Swat’s valley velvet green mountain side, purling streams and beautiful lakes offering breath taking views of the valley. The peace and serenity of this land has attracted people from all walks of life. 

Swat is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan and has been inhabited by Pashtuns for over thousands of years. Swat valley offer number of tourist attractions like Swat museum, enchanting and graceful hill station of Malam jabba in the Karakorum Range with the large ski resort of Pakistan. Bahrain is another hill stations famous for its handicrafts and Kalam for its mesmerizing views of snow-capped high mountains and flowing rivers.  

There are some beautiful treks and lakes in swat valley including Bashigram lake, Daral lake, Kundol lake, Spin Khwar and Pari (Fairy) lake. Every lake has its own beauty and can be accessed through different means including trekking, horse-riding, four wheeler drive due to its height and location.  Every lake is known for its own special reason, Pari (Fairy) lake is famous for its myth of home to fairies. 

Pari lake can only be accessed by adventurous trekking through challenging but gorgeous treks of the valley and there is a belief, that fairies live and bath in the cool, pure and clear water of this lake. The nature lovers, who has visited this lake has described their experience as a dream experience.

Swat also have a very rich wild life with variety of animals, and birds including hares, fox, jackal, wolf, pigs, Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, sparrows, doves, kites and different type of fishes. It also has traces of Buddhist and Dardic heritage before the Pashtun-Muslims taking control of the region.

Swat used to attract high profile guests from all over the globe. During one visit in 1962, Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Philip loved the Swat valley so much that she denied the rest of Pakistan visit by restricting herself to the beautiful Swat Valley.

It’s a pity that this beautiful place on earth, which offers something for everyone from any part of the world regardless of the seasons and background is known less for its enchanted views of beautiful lakes, high mountains, waterfalls, crystal clear streams, lush green pastures and fields.

I hope this post would provide some insight to the “Mini Switzerland of Pakistan” and encourage you to visit this amazing place to experience it for yourself in near future. 

Enjoy the video and please leave your thoughts about the post!! and come back for more interesting posts.


  1. Great blog which describes the exquisiteness of Swat valley which is also renowned as the Mini Switzerland. The Swat valley is blessed with natural beauty...Swat is such an amazing place to visit....
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    1. Thanks David, Swat is indeed beautiful place and the valley become even more attractive for visitors in the summer season.

  2. superb it is really inspirational. thanks for the proper updates.
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  3. No doubt about the beauty of Pakistan thousands of travelers are now booking flights for Pakistan in this summer for visit cool and amazing areas in Pakistan.

  4. Great article and beautiful pictures. One point though, the cover picture of the article is not from Swat. It is base camp of Nanga Parbat called fairy meadows, which is located in dimamer district of Gilgit-Baltistan.

    1. You can easily ccheck it by googling nanga parbat or fairy meadows