Thursday, 7 February 2013

Ayubia Track (Pipe Line Track), Nathia Gali – Pakistan

Today, I am going to take you on a very small journey to a place which I personally call “Heaven on Earth”.

Nathia Gali is famous for its amazing natural beauty, pleasant weather and hiking tracks. It is located in the “Galyat” (streets) region, 52 miles from the Pakistan capital, Islamabad. Nathia Gali is situated at an altitude of 2500 miles (8200 feet) and is a very popular destination for tourists and my personal favourite in Pakistan.  It got many tracks, ranging from 4km to 8km in the middle of pine, walnut, cedar, oak and maple trees and have a very rich wildlife with variety of animals, birds, insects and butterflies.

Ayubia track is also known as “Pipe Line Track”, was built for supplying water to Murree (Hill station) in 1930. The track is 4 km long; cutting through the middle of a mountain where on one side you can view the beautiful raising mountains if you look up and if you look down, you will struggle to find the base in the thick forest full of pine, cedar and oak trees. Hiking Along in the peaceful environment away from busy and noisy urban life, listening to all those chirping birds and flowing river provides a sensational experience. There are couple of viewpoints for people to take a deep breath of the fresh air, relax and enjoy the views around. If you lucky enough, you might witness some colourful birds and playful monkeys along the way, so don’t forget to take some seeds and banana’s for them along with a drink for yourself and a good camera to capture the beautiful views. 

Thanks for having a look and keep an eye for future post to take you through to China, Indonesia, Morocco, Tanzania, Vietnam and Pakistan. 

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  1. Nathiagali Weather Today
    Nature is at its peak because you are in Galliyat now! View the natural beauty of Galliyat Pakistan is blessed with everything that one can imagine.
    Get ready yourself for the thunder bangs, the streak of lightning and in-fact a heavy rainfall today. Temperature The temperature is going to be pleasant, yup! Feels like 22 °C. Precipitation The precipitation is going to be 19%. Humidity It’s going to be very sticky and humid today, 91%. Wind The wind will blow at 3 km/h, a gentle breeze brushing the greenery outside.