Sunday, 24 February 2013

Tips for Travellers.

Dear Friends and Mates,

In this session, i will try to figure out what is the best way if you want to go travelling..

  1. Find your most interesting place to be visited. There are lost of website and blogs (well, include this blog for sure) which provide information of destinations around the world. You also need to make your own plans or schedule, because remember, every second counts. 
  2. Estimates the budget. After selecting your destination, you need to estimates the budget for travelling, how much the ticket fare is, how much the cost for the hotel or other accommodation is, how long will you be staying there (living cost), and don't forget to have enough cash! not too much, but enough.
  3. Prepare the Documents. Since you are travelling across your country, you need to submit your Visa.
  4. Pack Smart! Well, this one is really important, pack things that you will need it most to survive, First Thing First. No need to bring things that later will might bothering you.
  5. Be Aware. If you travelling to a place that is not familiar (new) to you, please be aware. Still, any type of crimes can always be happening to you whenever there is a chance of it.
  6. Be Friendly. Wherever you are, please do respect their own culture, and be polite. Although you have to be aware, it does't mean that you can't be polite.
  7. Keep yourself informed. Yes, you will be in a place that is totally new to you, that is why you need to be informed all the time. Try to find information of anything that is related to your journey, you can meet and talk to other traveller, or even ask the information outlets.
  8. Be Adventurous. Visiting new places will make you find a lot of new things and places, or the worst case is you can be lost somewhere. If you have this kind of "problem", don't worry and don't be panic, just enjoy it and think clearly how to solve it.                      
  9. Buying Merchandises. Most of the travellers usually interested in buying unique things or merchandise of a place for their relatives or family member, please do remember whether you are still on your journey or just about to go back home, buy simple things that is possible to be brought home.
  10. Safe journey!

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