Monday, 25 February 2013

Things Which Might be Worth Avoiding in Indonesia

Dear Friends and Mates,

On today's post, i will try to inform what are the negative things that might be (small possibilities) found when you are visiting Indonesia.

Cleanliness. In some part of Indonesia, you will find it dirty. It is caused by some factors and we cannot blame to anyone about this. First, there are argument that some people are not having a good understanding on how important clean environment is and the discipline of having waste put in the trash can is quite low. In the other way, the means / tools like trash can are seems to be limited (because, if we compare with how much the trash resulted in one day in main tourism destination, the number of trash cans are still low). But today, as the campaign of Visit Indonesia is getting bigger, government and all the citizen are working together to handle this problems.

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Middle-Man / Third-Man. In Indonesia also known as "Calo". They are people who looking for advantages or profit by selling tickets, and usually they sell more expensive than if you buy it on authorised outlets. It is quite hard to clean this problems, all you can do is buy the ticket from the authorised outlets, and that's it, you will be save. 

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Language Barrier. The main language of Indonesia is Bahasa, and they don't speak English daily. When you are in Indonesia, specially in a village or particular place outside the town, you will find difficulties to communicate with Indonesian people. Unless you are in tourism area, usually they have been trained to speak basic English.

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Maybe these are the best result i can found if i want to talk about negative review on Indonesia Tourism, there are much more good side that easier to find rather the bad side, depend on how you see it and wether you enjoy your travel or not.. so, hopefully, if you guys have your chance to visit Indonesia and other destination that been posted in this blog, just enjoy it! Cheers!


  1. I have never been to Bali but friends who have been there say that the beaches there are quite nice and clean.

  2. Hi Dilip, it is true that in Bali the beaches are beautiful.. you will only see it dirty in the most exciting beach in Bali, Kuta, it is not as clean as other beaches, specially during vacation time or in a high tides season, and usually the government make their action right away and make sure that the Kuta Beach is clean.

    We hope that someday you will have chance to visit Bali. Thank you for your time visiting our blog! :) Regards.