Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, (Punjab) Pakistan

Shaukat khanum is state-of-the-art not profit hospital and research centre located in the heart of Punjab, Pakistan. It was founded in 1994 by the legendary cricketer and philanthropist Imran Khan in the memory of his beloved mother, died from cancer in February 1985. It is 176 beds hospital with an annual budget of $60,000,000 with 156,766 out patients in 2012. This Pioneering hospital in cancer treatment is built on 20 acres of land with initial budget of $22,200,000 in 1994 and 31, 198 Chemotherapy and 51,865 radiation treatment has been done in 2012 alone, worth mentioning its 75% financially supported patients. It also offers surgical procedures, imaging studies and pathology tests along with other services while providing excellent service to their patients. According to testaments, patients consider “Shaukat Khanum hospital” is their second home due to the top quality service, caring attitude of the staff and friendly environment provided to them. 
Pakistan is the sixth biggest state in the world with almost 180 million populations and with increasing problem of terrorism, fragile economy and 34th worst corrupt country in the world. Most of its corruption blames goes to its upper class and politicians, most of them belongs to the elite class of the society. At the same time the Pakistani nation have sons like Imran khan, a philanthropist prioritising the welfare of the society, over his personal comfort. 

Imran khan, the man with strong personal belief and determination was forced to come out of his retirement from cricket in 1987, due to popular public demand and request of the president of the country and maybe the destiny of creating history. The veteran cricketer, the legendary captain at the age of 39 not only led the Pakistani cricket team to 1992 world cup victory from an almost impossible position but also won the heart of the cricket crazy nation and its admirers all around the globe. After winning world cup, he geared up the fund raising for the Shaukat khanum Memorial Cancer hospital and research centre, another impossible challenge for him which he accomplished in 1994.

It is It is worth mentioning that 67% of the initial cost was made possible through the generous charity of people from all over the world with special love from the lower and middle class cash strapped people of Pakistan. Mankind history might has seen many heart touching moments but arguably one of the best moment was when brides donated their new jewellery and kids donated their pocket money to support the big cause. The hospital has been known for its standards and exemplary attitude towards its patients that hundreds of volunteers queue up for different projects and some treated patients after getting well become devotees to the hospital.
Shaukat  khanum has also started new initiatives of “BOWL OUT CANCER”, where celebrities helps in creating awareness about cancer, motivating the patients and helps in fund raising. Shaukat Khanum also carries out research in collaboration of different institutes to develop better ways of detecting and treating cancer and to improve cancer care. It have got 75 laboratories all over the Pakistan with walking clinic in Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar and also planning to build new Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer and research hospital in Peshawar and Karachi.

I am very proud of the work, Imran khan has done and still doing for welfare of the troubled Pakistani nation. I hope this post will benefit someone or inspire them to admire work of such individuals. This post is dedicated to all the people in the care industry, who looks after our dear and close family members, friends and the human kind. Please Leave your thoughts about post, will be much appreciated. 

There is a short documentary about Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, first two minutes of the video is in Urdu with English subtitles but the rest of the videos is in English.


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