Monday, 11 February 2013

Raja Ampat


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On my second post, we will go to the most interesting travel destination in Indonesia, and we will go to Raja Ampat, a piece of heaven that has fallen into the earth.

Photograph by Indonesia.Travel

Raja Ampat is an archipelago located in West Borneo Province, on the Island of New Guinea. It has a tremendous view of nature, specially if you love diving, you will adore Raja Ampat for its great underwater view, and now it has become one of the major destination for divers, not only in Indonesia, but now also around the world.

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In Raja Ampat, there are about 1320 species of fish, it also has population of reefs that 10 times bigger than in Caribia, 57 species of Mantis Shrimp and 27 species of fish that can only be seen in this particular area. Some of Indonesia divers are usually make their license of diving in Raja Ampat, although it is far and quite costly. 

How to get there? (well, this one is a bit breath-taking..but trust me, it is worth to try)

The only way to get there from Jakarta (Soekarno-Hatta International Airport) is by using airplane. From Jakarta to Sorong via Manado will take about 6 hours flight. After you reach Sorong, you can continue to explore Raja Ampat by using Pinisi Boat (mostly for divers) or just stay at the resort and enjoy white-sand beaches.

How about the accomodation?
Don't worry, although it is located in remote area, Raja Ampat have some nice resort, and there will be some more in the near future.

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Besides diving, if you are not a diver, in Raja Ampat you can also kayaking, snorkelling, wildlife observations, cultural and visiting villages, and of course.. just enjoying a piece of paradise..

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Ahmad Ari Prasojo.


  1. Pengen banget banget ke raja ampat, tp mahal siiiih :(

  2. wow really beautiful. I had a chance to visit this island last sunmmer :) Really awesomeeeeeeeeeee

  3. thanx for the comment dear Alie.. :)

  4. @Moka: how lucky you are! good to know that you've been there.. :)

  5. Ini hasil diving di Raja AMpat gan, mantap ga??