Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Other Side of Jakarta

Dear Friends and Mates,

On this post, i would like to share information about different  type of tour that might inspire you. Forget a while about glamorous destinations, i will take you to another side of Jakarta.

As we all know, Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia that have lots of skyscrapers, malls, museums, zoo, amusement park and other amazing places. But things that most people don't know is, there are also slums area that now become an alternative of tour program.

There is one provider known as Jakarta Hidden City Tours. They actually provide tours of visiting another side of Jakarta (Ciliwung River, Old City of Jakarta, Kampung, and other side of Jakarta that you might never see in media before)

Most of the participant are usually people who want to see, feel and experience new kind of tour, because what you see is the real life of poor people in Jakarta. Their main idea is also to help poor people that they visited. And the aim is to make people care and aware about others.

Inspiring Links about Jakarta Hidden City Tours:
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