Saturday, 16 February 2013

Marrakech or the Pearl of the South

Marrakech is one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco. Indeed, even if the city is constantly changing, its charm remains traditional and full of entertainment and joy. Hot during the summer and pleasant in the winter, the "Pearl of the South" attracts an incessant flow of visitors seeking for amusement, sun and culture.

The vast Jemaa el Fna and its agitation (all day and night long) alone are worth the trip. We can easily get lost in the souks which are noisy but wonderfully colorful: they are probably the richest, most diverse and most fascinating of the country. 

Here, within the crowd, we can feel a totally different energy coming from snake charmers, fortune tellers of good adventures or women  that will gladly tattoo you with henna.
Thousand small businesses are everywhere. Tourism, often criticized, has greatly contributed to the rediscovery of a flourishing craft today, and the rehabilitation of the architecture in Marrakech which kept its ancestral beauty and form.

Hammams and local traditional attractions are adding a charm to the ocher city.
To understand and appreciate Marrakech, you have to stay a bit, visit it and get lost in the old medina or the numerous souks. This imperial city appears as a jewel set in the natural setting that is not far from the High Atlas Mountains.

To conclude, Marrakech or as Moroccan would call it Kech, is the place to be if you want to party: well known for the many events organized there whether they are international or national, the city abounds of fancy places to dance, drink and be merry.

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