Thursday, 21 February 2013

The world's largest caldera.


Still looking for somewhere to inspire you? I know you do now check this out.The Ngorongoro Crater  is the world's largest intact caldera with a floor of 260 square kilometers with ridges that stand up to 600 meters high and it is the home of  thousands of animals.The Ngorongoro Crater is also presently one of the most likely areas in Tanzania to see the endangered Black Rhino not only the the black rhino can be found there but also there are other animals like Leopards, zebra, cheetah and many others.

Maasai tribe:

Ngorongo crater is located in northen part of Tanzania where the maasai tribe have been living for many years.Visitors are welcomed at two designated Maasai cultural bomas one on the road to Serengeti and another close to Sopa Lodge at Irkeepusi village.

                              Do not let this pass you by, Get there get inspired!

                                           By:Richard John Kamoyo.

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