Sunday, 3 February 2013

Hassan II Mosque (Casablanca Hajj), Morocco

The mesmerizing view of Hassan II mosque makes the beautiful Morocco even more attractive for visitors. Built partly on the sea, it is the largest mosque in Morocco (7th largest in the world) with the tallest minaret of 689 feet, almost 60 stories high.
The hand crafted marble on the wall; the beautiful views of Atlantic Ocean, retractable roof, and the sea bed visibility through building’s hall glass floors provide a unique experience for the visitors. This monumental piece of architecture was beautified through day and night hard work of 10,000 artists and craftsmen. There are hourly guided tours for tourists and it has a capacity to accommodate 105,000 devotees of prayer with 25,000 in the main hall and 80,000 in the mosque outside ground.

According to the visitors, it is a “must see” place in Morocco to add to your memorable moments of life.

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  1. Great Mosque..Great Architecture..! Wish i could go here one day.. :)

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